Chinas Most Luxurious Horse Stable Is a Magnificent Palace

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Chinas Most Luxurious Horse Stable Is a Magnificent Palace

The opulent Heilan Horse Culture Museum in Jiangyin, China, also functions as a five-star horse stable for at least 43 horse breeds from at least thirty nations. These horses would look even better with adornments such as those glitzy browbands.

Impressive netizens observed that the horses trotted on marble floors, were surrounded by gorgeous statues, and were housed in stables illuminated by ornate chandeliers. Each is assigned to a separate stall.
The museum, which opened in May of last year, contains hundreds of horses on display for people to interact with.

Animals are supposedly housed in a magnificently designed hall as part of an ecological tourism resort proposal that also includes equestrian training facilities and a shopping mall.
Many at first believed that the opulent mansion was located in Dubai, but it was later revealed that it was in fact a horse museum exclusive to China.

However, opinions on the luxurious stable are divided among Internet users. There are many who were impressed by the amount of time and money invested in the creation of the stable, while others were doubtful of the project's aims.

A netizen wrote, "Horses are herd animals...they need to be outside in fields with shelter just for severe weather." This Chinese facility is horrible and must be shut down.

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